Stereye's 3D Vision Technology

Driven by AI and CV, The way of urban management has been widely changed. How to efficiently carry out 3D digitization and how to connect 3D world and digital information sources has become a key challenge restricting AI city management. Based on years of scientific research, combined with our core algorithms annd software-hardware integration capabilities, Stereye developed modeling, connecting, and analyzing technology that targets the in-depth application dilemma of future digital cities.

Technology Trends

Increased demand for large-scale reconstruction

As smart buildings turn to smart cities, traditional solutions in the past will not satisfy the needs of large-scale scenarios. This puts new demands on the core modeling algorithm.

From outdoor to indoor+outdoor scenes

The market is demanding the 3D indoor + outdoor reconstruction technology to explore more value of the buildings than before. This will become a key indicator that distinguishes digital visualization and smart management of digital twins.

Lower time cost

Time cost is an obstacle to the popularization of traditional modeling solutions, which greatly limits the application scenarios of 3D vision.Digitalization in the future will be batchable and periodic, and it will be one kind of timely data source.

AI rather than human-driven

The inaccurate but beautiful 3D model will destroy the real structure and hinder the promotion of intelligent analysis and visual processing.By reducing the manual investment, AI is the key to optimizing the cost and efficiency of city-level 3D registration, modelling and texturing.

Featured Solution

Semi Realtime 3D Localization and Reconstruction System

This system realizes the multi-source data fusion autonomous localization and 3D reconstruction, which takes only 1/20 in time cost to create high-precision 3D scene than before. Compared with traditional 3D modeling solutions, this technology can significantly reduce manual intervention and time cost to 10min/floor or 1~2h/building.

Response in ms
Modeling realtimely

Wearable 3D Reconstruction System

The system can provide high-quality indoor 3D reconstruction. The self-developed scanning backpack, with a rich sensor array, can instantly perceive the surrounding environment in 3D. With the semi realtime 3D localzation and reconstruction system, you can view the virtual scene realtimely. Compared with traditional solution, the short scanning time, low environmental requirements, and the small site impact are very suitable for periodic 3D scanning.

Closed scene
Millimeter accuracy
Easy to use

UAV 3D Reconstruction System

This drone-based system provides 3D reconstruction for outdoor scenes. The onboard sensor array with high-precision 6 DOF localication algorithm, can provide city-level hight quality 3D scanning quickly. Compared with indirect measurement modeling solutions such as oblique photography, it can produce more accurate result. Semi realtime algorithms also provide a technical foundation for remote control of drones.

City level

Autonomous 3D Modeling Robot Platform

A 3D modeling robot integrating multiple high-definition cameras, lidar and sensor platforms can autonomously explore and plan paths for high-precision 3D perception. Equipped with an expandable professional load, it can minimize labor costs and be more stable and efficient.

Unmanned operation
Highly scalable
Autonomous perception